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Time for Print Shoot
21st May 2013
I was recently asked to do a 'Time for Print' (TFP) shoot with the sister of a model that I have used a couple of times recently. TFP is essentially an agreement whereby the photographer and the model agree to provide their services free of charge to each other, for mutual benefit. I do not agree to do TFP very often, but took the chance on this occasion - and am glad I did!
The key to a successful TFP shoot is to think about the phrase 'mutual benefit' - what is in it for you? Is the model good enough to give you good pictures? From the model's perspective, is the photographer good enough for the images to appear in your portfolio? If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then either party should think again, before agreeing to a TFP shoot!

The model was Jurgita Mineikyte, originally from Lithuania but now living in N.Ireland. A newly qualified makeup artist was arranged, Lesley-Ann Watson and she did the model's makeup perfectly for the look we wanted.

The shoot took a mere 2 hours (including the makeup!) and the model has been provided with 20+ quality pictures from the shoot, and I have excellent material for both my own portfolio and potential exhibition entries.

Ross McKelvey MPAGB