Creative Day in the Studio

27th May 2013
There is nothing quite like having a creative day in the studio - surrounded by people with a passion for what they do, and more importantly who are prepared to think outside the box! On Sunday 26th May I was the photographer for a creative day at Catchlight Studios, organised by Make Up Artist Tippy Logronio, with 2 excellent local models in Ekaterina De Rossi and Leah McCormick. The Hair stylist was Caroline Sugden of

We had a fair idea of what we wanted to achieve during the day, with 5 distinct pictures in mind. It is always better to 'work to a theme' - rather than simply try to shoot pictures with no idea of what you want to end up with. In this case I think we all made a great team, and the end results may well feature in some of my forthcoming exhibition entries.

Here are a couple of processed shots from the day: