** Photoshop Workshops for Camera Clubs **

02nd August 2016
You cannot 'teach' photoshop on a typical camera club night. All you can do is provide tips and snippets of information, and hope that people go away with at least something to benefit their workflow, whether they are beginners or advanced.

However an all-day session can be arranged, where I will attend with my desktop computer, and go through a typical image processing workflow, preferred photoshop settings, and image processing techniques. This can be as basic or as advanced as you want. It is normally better to try to get a group of people with at least a basic understanding of photoshop involved.

I will provide a set of photoshop 'actions' that I have devised, to simplify your workflow, and show you how to generate your own, if you prefer. My entire workflow is based on 'simplicity' - actions and shortcuts. If I have to spend more than 10 minutes on an image, I get bored! Topics covered include:

Preference Settings in Photoshop
Import and image selection in Lightroom
Tweaking the image in Lightroom before editing in photoshop
Image adjustments using duplicate layers technique
Nik software filters, including colour efex and silver efex
Dealing with problems such as skin blemish
Luminosity masks
Dodging and burning
Frequency separation technique (home built 'action' provided)
Skin softening in a subtle way
Taking control of where the viewer's eye is drawn to
Digital composites - cutting out a subject and placing into a new background
Image Sharpening
Image re-sizing

Photoshop and image editing is a 'big' topic and I classify myself as an advanced photoshop user. However that does not mean I know everything - there is always something new to learn!

Please contact me if your camera club is interested in arranging a photoshop workshop. It can be done at your club or at my studio. Group size should preferably be no more than 20.